About Pattaya Globus

Pattaya Globus is interactive city map and business directory. Everyone can put his/her own busines to Pattaya map just in 1 minute. Find roof of your building on satellite view click on it with right mouse button, fill simple form and voila! You are on the map! You even can submit photo of your facade.

Everybody knows that postal address has no help in Pattaya. How many times you explained others how to find you? With the detailed satellite map (thanks Google!) these troubles gone. You now have exact and correct location online. And as well additional exposure on Internet of cause! Use our direct link if you want to send to somebody your location on the map.

You can also have this map inside your website, for instance in "Loction" page. Your own place will be marked then more prominent then others in order to feature your location better. The visitors still will be able to zoom and unzoom whole map and see neibourhoods in order to find the routes to your place. See live sample. Your are free to set default map type, zoom value and remove certain markers on your own copy of the map. Contact us for the setup details.

You can use this map free of charge without any limits. Feel free also to write us with inquiries and suggestions.

Your Pattaya Globus

18 coins - Neung
A-One the Royal Cruise Hotel
Aisawan Resort
all seasons
Amari Orchid Resort & Tower
Amari Tower
Ambassador City
Asia Hotel
Asian Accent House
Avalon Beach Resort
Baannammao Resort
Casa Mia
Centara Grand Mirage
Centara Grand Mirage
Chan Resort
Citin Loft
City Loft-Us
Cozy Beach
D.D. Inn
Dusit Thani Pattaya
Garden Sea View Resort
Golden Beach Hotel
Grand Sole Hotel
Hard Rock Hotel
Holiday Inn Pattaya
Honey Inn
Jasmine Hotel
Jomtien Palm Beach Resort
Jomtien Thani Hotel
Katalina Residence 2
Klein Vlaanderen
LK Renaissance
Long Beach Garden Hotel
Maggie-Mays Guesthouse
Mark Land Condo
Meechai Hotel
Mike Beach Resort
Mike hotel resort pattaya soi 3
Mosaik Apartments
Mountain Beach
Nova Lodge
Pattaya Park
Rabbit Resort
Royal Clif Beach Hotel
Royal Cliff Resort
Sansuk Guesthouse
Shisha House
Siam Bayshore
Siam Bayview Hotel
Siam House
Sky Beach Condo
Sugar Beach Condominium
Sundance Villas
Swan Beach Resort
The Venue
The Zign villa
Tui's Place
Welcome jomtien beach hotel
Best Supermarket
Big C Super Center
Big C Supercenter (South)
Central Festival Center & Big C
Central Pattaya Beach
Flowers Thailand
Foodland Supermarket
Friendship Supermarket
Lan Po Market
Mike Shopping Mall
Outlet Mall
Outlet Mall
Pattaya Avenue
Pattaya Bazaar
Robinson Sriracha
Royal Garden Plaza
Tesco Lotus (North)
Tesco Lotus (South)
Tops Supermarket
Tukcom IT Center
Bruno's Restaurant
Casa Pascal Restaurant
Kiss Food (Central)
Kiss Food (North)
Mata Hari Restaurant
Pan Pan Restaurant
The Sportsman
Tino's Restaurant
Acaza Show
Boyz Town
Floating Market
Million Stone & Crocodie
Paaport Bar
Sansuk Sauna
Shope house Tudthoo
Tiffany Show
Bangkok Hospital
Banglamung Hospital
Edward's Original Reflexology (South)
Edward's Original Reflexology Center (Jomtien)
Edward's Original Reflexology Center (Pattaya Park
Memorial Hospital
OneRoyale Massage and Nail SPA
Pattaya International Hospital
Somdet Na Si Racha Hospital
Thonglor Clinic
Public Service
Bali Hai Pier
Bang kalo
Banglamung Post Office
Immigration Office
Jomtien Police Office
Jomtien Post Office
Land office ( Banglamung )
Mahathai Vocational School
Main Police Station
NIDA Chonburi
Pattaya City Hall
Pattaya Post Office
Pattaya View Point
Police Box
TAT Office
Tourist Police
Wat Chai Mongkol
66 Condominium
9 karat condo
A.D Condo Bangsarey Lake & Resort
A.D. Hyatt Condominium
Adare Garden 2
Adare Gardens 1
Aeed's House
Amorn Village
Ananya Beach Front Condo
Ananya Condo
Ananya Wong Amat
Angket Condo
Avatara Residence Koh Chang
Avoca Gardens 1
Avorca Gardens
Baan Anda
Baan Balina 1
Baan Dusit Lake Pattaya
Baan Fa Rimhad
Baan Fah Greenery village
Baan Fha Rimhard
Baan Fha Rimhard Village
Baan Koon Suk 1
Baan Lanna
Baan Nalay
Baan Suan Lalana
Baan Suan Mai Ngam
Baan Suan Neramit
Bay House
Bay View Condominium
BST Condo
Busba Home
Casa Jomtien Village
Casa Paradise
Central Park 4
Central Park Hillside
Central village 2
Chaiyapruk residence
Chateau Dale condo Building 1
Chateau Dale Thabali Building 1
Chateau Dale Thabali Building 2
Chateau Dale Thabali Building 2
Chateau Dale Thabali Building 3
Chateau Dale Thabali Building 4
Chateau Dale Tropical Villas
Chockchai garden home 3
Chokchai Garden 1
Chokchai Garden 2
Chokchai Garden Home 2
Chokchai Garden Home 4
Chom Talay Condo
City Resort Condo
Classic home Village 4
Classic Place
Coconut Beach
Condo 7 office.
Condo Chan
Corribb Village
Cosy Beach View Condo
Country Home Village
Eak Mongkol Mountain Condo
Eak Mongkol village
Eak Mongkol village 1
Eak Mongkol village 1st project.
Eak Mongkol Village 3
Eak Mongkol village 5/1
Eak Mongkol Village 5/2
Eakmongkol 8
Ekmongkol 3
Ekmongkol 4
Ekmongkol 4/1
Ekmongkol 4/3
Ekmongkol 5
European Thai House
Execlutive Residence II, III, IV
Feangfa Condo
Flower Village
Fly Bird Apartment
Free Way Villa
Garden Home Village
George Collins 3
Golden Condominium
Golden Sand Condominium
Grand condo
Green Field Villa
Green field Villa2
Hill Side Village
Holiday Condo View Pattaya
Hyde Park 1
Hyde park 1
Hyde Park 2
Hyde Park Residence 1
Jada Condominium
Janjima Home (commercial)
Jomtein Complex Condotel
Jomtein Park lane
Jomtien Beach condo
Jomtien Beach Condo A2
Jomtien Beach Condo A3
Jomtien Beach Condo S1
Jomtien Beach Mountain 2
Jomtien Beach Paradise Condo
jomtien beach phenthouses
Jomtien beach residence
Jomtien Beach Residences
Jomtien Beach Residences
Jomtien Complex B
Jomtien Complex B
Jomtien Complex Building A
Jomtien Condominium
Jomtien Garden Villa
Jomtien Hill Resort
Jomtien Metro
Jomtien Park Villas
Jomtien Plaza Condominium
Jomtien Shining Star
Jomtin Condotel A
Kap Mountien
Khun A area
Kieng Talay
Kieng Talay Condo
Kuntavee Village
La Villa Bali
Leela Paradise Residence
LK Legend
majectic condo
Majestic Residence
Markland Condo/Hotel
Mid Town Villa
Mikeorchid Villas 1
Mod' House
Modus Codo
MP Mansion
Mr. David Land
My Pool Villa
NernPlubWaan Village 3
Ngamjarean 3
NgamJarean 7
Niran Gran condo
Nirvana 1
Nirvana Condo
Nirvana Pool Villa
Nordic Group
Nordic Park Hill Condominium
Nordic Residence Condo
Norht Point
North Point
Noth Point
Nova Atrium Condo
Novana Residence
Novana Residence
Ocean Marina Condo
Ocean Portofino Condo
Orchid Villa
Palm ossis
Panchalae Condo
Paradice Park Condominium
Park Beach Condo
Park Lane Resort
Park Royal 1
Park Royal 1
Park Village
Pattaya City Condo
Pattaya Country Home
Pattaya Country Village
Pattaya Heights
Pattaya Hill 2
Pattaya Hill Resort
Pattaya Hill Village 2
Pattaya Lagoon village
Pattaya Thani Village
Pattaya Tropical
PattayaCondotel Chain
Peak Condominium
Peak Condominuim
Phu Tara Village
Pob Chok Garden Hill Village
Porchland condo 2
Pornthep Garden View
Pratamnak soi 5(Fredi)
Raintree Village
Raintree Village
Raviporn Golden Hill Village
Raviporn village
Reflection Pattaya
Rimhard Jomtien Condo
Romance Grand Ville
Roumchok Condo 2
Royal Bay View
Royal Clif Condo building A
Royal Clif Condo building B
royal cliff condo
Royal Park Village
Saranshol Condo
Sea San Sun resort
Siam Homes
Siam Lake View
Siam Penthouse
Siam place
Siam Royal View
Silk Road Place
Somprasong Plaza
Spanish condo
Star Beach Condo
STS Beach Resort
Suan Sawan residence
Suk sabai Villa
Sunrise beach resort 1
Sunset Boulevard
Sunshine Beach Condotel
Suphamit village
Sweet Condo
T.W Palm Resort
The Avenue Residence
The Cliff
The Cove Condominium
The Legend Pattaya
The Lofts Pratamnak
The Park codominium
The Residence Jomtien
The View condo
The villas Rachawadee
The Vision
The Weve Condominium
Thien Tong
Tivaree Village
TW Jomtien Beach resort
TW Palm Resort
TW Wongamat Condo
Urban Condo
Veiw Talay Resident Wong Amat
View Point Village
View Talay 2 B
View Talay 5
View Talay 5C
View Talay 5C
View Talay 5D
View Talay 6 Condominium
View Talay Codo 2B
View Talay Condo 1A
View Talay Condo 1B
View TAlay Condo 2A
View Talay Condo7
View Talay Residance 4
View Talay Residence 2
View Talay Residence 3
View Talay Residence 5
View Talay Villas
View Tallay Residence 1
viewtalay 3A
Villa Adikan
Villa Norway Residence 1
Villa Norway Residence 1
Villa Norway Resort 1&2
VIP Condo
VIP Townhouse
VJ Village
VJ Village
VN Residence 2
Wathana Villa
Wiwat Residence
Wonderland 2
Zomtien Complex Condo
George Collins
George Wood
John Cole
John's Commerical Buiding
John's house
Kaz Fudano
Krit Warin
Land khun Kittidech
Mr. David Brogan
Peter House
Roland Becker
Alan Bolton Property Consultants
Blue Vision Agency
Bobby Brooks Property
CANDO Internet
Dyson Estates
Farang Property Services
IT Mechanics
Muang Boran
Nong Nuch Park
Phluthaluang Golf Course
Seaboard Properties